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Snowshoeing is for all those people who wish to experience the mountains in winter away from the crowded ski slopes. Snowshoes distribute your body weight over the snow, preventing you from sinking and allowing for a smoother walk. It is an ideal activity to enjoy the calm of winter, admire breathtaking views and enjoy the fresh air while walking in the snow. 


The trips are led by the Sport Service team.


Depending on the weather and snow conditions, the Sport Service will opt for a route that guarantees the necessary safety conditions. 


Technical equipment such as snowshoes, poles and a safety system will be provided to each participant.

For any information regarding the activity, clothing and course conduct, please contact the snowshoe hiking service's technical manager: Giorgio Piffaretti.


Courses are offered during both the autumn and spring semesters. The detailed programme for the latter will be published during the spring semester.