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Sports Hall hours Lugano and Mendrisio - summer period

Also during the summer, the Sport Service will continue to offer a rich schedule of classes in Lugano and Mendrisio, as well as virtual LesMills classes broadcast daily from early morning to late evening until 31 July 2024.
For those who prefer to train independently, the Fitness Room in Lugano and Mendrisio will also remain open for most of the holidays.

Discover the programme in Lugano and Mendrisio

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  • Lugano


    During the summer period, the Lugano Fitness Room and Classroom will remain open. The Fitness Room will follow its regular schedule. Classes with group activities will also be offered throughout the summer.


    For any questions and/or needs, the Sport Service staff will be at your disposal on weekdays via email at or in the Sports Hall between 10:00-12:30 and 15:00-17:00.
    In the event of emergencies outside the hours indicated, please contact the Surveillance and Security Service on the number 058 666 47 30.

    Schedule Fitness Room

    The Fitness Room will remain regularly open seven days a week, including public holidays, from 06:00 to 23:00.

    Classroom programme in person

    The in-person classes offer a wide range of classes from postural to toning, including functional training and many other proposals, including outdoor classes.


    Lunedì12.30-13.15Functional TrainingPalestra Campus EST
    Lunedì17.30-18.15BodyPumpPalestra Campus EST
    Lunedì17.30-18.30Sup FitnessFoce CCLV
    Lunedì18.30-19.15Power StretchPalestra Campus EST
    Martedì12.30-13.30Sup FitnessFoce CCLV
    Martedì17.30-18.15BodytonePalestra Campus EST
    Martedì17.30-19.00PickleballScuola Media di Viganello
    Martedì18.30-19.15Postural TrainingPalestra Campus EST
    Mercoledì12.30-13.15Functional TrainingPalestra Campus EST
    Mercoledì17:00-18:00Core cardio*Corte Campus EST
    Mercoledì17:00-20:30Triathlon*Corte Campus EST
    Mercoledì17.30-18.15Step DancePalestra Campus EST
    Mercoledì18.30-19.30YogaPalestra Campus EST
    Giovedì12.30-13.15TRXPalestra Campus EST
    Giovedì17.30-18.15BodyPumpPalestra Campus EST
    Giovedì18.30-19.15Power StretchPalestra Campus EST
    Giovedì17.30-18.30Sup FitnessFoce CCLV
    Venerdì12.30-14.00Ping PongPalestra Campus EST
    Venerdì17.30-18.15Functional TrainingPalestra Campus EST
    Venerdì18.30-19.15Postural TrainingPalestra Campus EST

    *alternating lessons

    Please refer to the MyWellness calendar for any changes to the schedule.

    Go to the MyWellness Calendar

    Virtual classroom programme 

    Virtual Classes are pre-recorded classes conducted by LesMills instructors and broadcast on projectors in the Classesroom of the East Campus Sports Hall. These classes are available until 31 July 2024.
    In these classes there is no instructor present and participants perform the exercises shown on the screen individually.
    The virtual classes will be held in the Classesroom of the East Campus Sports Hall.

  • Mendrisio


    During the summer period, Quality Fitness in Mendrisio will also remain open.
    The Fitness Room with a few exceptions will follow normal opening hours, while the Classes programme in Mendrisio will continue with the regular schedule.
    Classes in attendance will be held in the Classesroom of the Quality Fitness in Mendrisio.

    For more information, we invite users to contact via email or by telephone +41 91 646 38 36.

    Fitness Room schedule

    The Quality Fitness fitness room will remain regularly open at the following times:

    • Mon-Fri: 07:30-22:00
    • Tuesday and Thursday: 08:30-22:00
    • Saturday: 09:00-17:00
    • Holidays and Sundays: 09:00-13:00 

    The Sports Hall will be closed on the following days:

    • Saturday 29 June
    • Thursday 1 August
    • Thursday 15 August

    Classroom programme in presence

    Even during the holidays, the Quality Fitness instructors will offer a wide range of postural, endurance and strength training on weekdays.
    All classes in Mendrisio will take place at the Quality Fitness gym.

    Courses will be discontinued on the following days:

    • Saturday 29 June
    • Thursday 1 August
    • Thursday 15 August
    Monday10.00-11.00PilatesGym Quality
    Monday18.10-19.00Step AtleticoGym Quality
    Tuesday18.10-19.00HIITGym Quality
    Tuesday19.15-20.15BalanceGym Quality
    Wednesday17.45-18.30ZumbaGym Quality
    Wednesday18.35-19.30AeroattackGym Quality
    Thursday18.10-19.00Body PumpGym Quality
    Thursday19.15-20.15PilatesGym Quality
    Friday12:15-13:15HIITGym Quality
    Friday14.00-15.00PilatesGym Quality

    Please refer to the MyWellness calendar for any changes to the schedule.

    Go to the MyWellness Calendar