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Mountain bike



With the E-M'Bike you cross wild trails, overcome natural obstacles such as roots and rocks, and immerse yourself completely in nature. It is an exciting experience that tests one's physical and mental abilities. This activity involves the use of specially designed bikes with strong frames, durable suspension and tyres suitable for tackling rough terrain. 


E-M'bike courses are conducted by specialised teams from the Sport Service.


Basic course
The course is intended for those with little or no experience in using an e-bike on trails or dirt roads. A basic knowledge of bike use and a minimum of physical fitness are essential. The instructors will teach you the technical basics of mountain biking and the correct use of gears, motor and brakes.

Advanced Course
The course is intended for cyclists who have already ridden an e-bike on easy trails or single-trails and who wish to improve their riding technique. Ground exercises will be offered to improve the ability to control the E-M'bike on uneven terrain, with leaves and branches, and short steep descents.


Courses are usually offered on Saturdays or Sundays during the autumn and spring semesters as well as late afternoons during the week in April and May.
Depending on the course chosen, courses may last half a day or the whole day.


Courses are offered during both the autumn and spring semesters. The detailed programme for the latter will be published during the spring semester.

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  • Insurance

    Participants are required to check the suitability of their insurance cover both in Switzerland and abroad. During all USI Sport Service activities it is compulsory to carry one's own insurance card or document.

    We strongly recommend REGA patronage membership for 40 CHF/year.