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Flag Football

Flag Football


Flag football is a variant of American football that places less emphasis on physical contact. Instead of tackling opponents, defenders try to snatch flags attached to the belts of opposing players to 'stop' them. It is usually played on a smaller field with smaller teams and shorter games.


There are no kicks, and passing is the main element of the game. Flag football is often played as a recreational sport and is a popular choice for those who want to experience football without the risk of serious injury.


The class is suitable for all levels. The instructor will propose viable alternatives for any level.


Training sessions are held every Monday and Friday from 19:00 to 21:00.


Sports Centre Cornaredo
Field E
Via Trevano 100
6900 Lugano


It is compulsory to arrive in outdoor trainers or shoes with cleats, and sports clothing.
Bring a bottle of water (or isotonic drink) and a towel. Changing rooms with showers are available. Sports equipment for the game is provided by the club.


To participate, you must notify the Lugano Rebels directly via the button below, so that you can be coached at your first training session.

Contact Lugano Rebels by email