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MyWellness App

Experience the USI Sport world with MyWellness App, a Technogym platform that allows you to manage your workouts in the East Campus Sports Hall, book Classes & Games from the weekly schedule and participate in the courses offered by the Sport Service.

Mywellness is an innovative application developed by Technogym, the world's leading manufacturer of sports equipment, that will revolutionise your workouts.

How to create your MyWellness account

To purchase a subscription, you must have a MyWellness account. If you do not have a MyWellness account, please proceed by completing the following form:

Create your MyWellness/Technogym account

If you already have a MyWellness account, you must accept the new privacy policy in order to proceed with the purchase of subscriptions.

Accept the new privacy policy

This procedure is compulsory for all users (including those who already have a MyWellness account) as it also includes consent to the new data processing, in accordance with the Swiss Federal Data Protection Act (nLPD) in force as of 1 September 2023.
Failure to do so will immediately result in the inability to purchase new products, as well as a future temporary restriction on access to the East Campus Sports Hall.

Registration is possible for all users belonging to one of the following categories:

  • USI Students
  • USI collaborators
  • SUPSI students (basic education only)
  • SUPSI collaborators

What you can do with MyWellness

  • Purchase a subscription or product dedicated to you;
  • Have support during your training in the East Campus Sports Hall;
  • Book a consultation with one of our instructors;
  • Select and carry out pre-set TechnoGym training programmes;
  • Have a history of your workouts with a summary of your results;
  • View the weekly schedule of classes and games;
  • Reserve your desired classes and games (if available in your subscription);
  • Stay up to date with the latest news from the Sport Service;
  • Monitor your outdoor training.