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USI Sport: Some figures


The 2023-2024 Academic Year is ending, and we thought we would extrapolate some numbers about the East Campus Sports Hall, designed as a place to achieve a balance between physical and mental wellbeing, but which in fact also represents a meeting place for our students.  We cannot conclude without mentioning some figures relating to the recently inaugurated Airolo sports base.

During the year, the East Campus Sports Hall in Lugano, which welcomes students and employees, reached peaks of 1'200 subscribers in its two halls: the Fitness Room and the Classes Room.

The Fitness Room, available 7/7 for 17 hours a day, recorded an average of 300 daily users. So many kilometers have been covered in the two and a half years that the Sports Hall has been open, that each of our treadmills has passed the 30,000 km mark.
The number of kilos ‘pushed, lifted and pulled’ on our machines cannot be calculated, but we estimate quite high numbers.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all subscribers who, despite the large number of users in the equipment room at the same time at certain times of the week, always behave respectfully towards their training colleagues and towards the equipment used.

For those, on the other hand, who wished to participate in the group lessons, included in the ‘Classes & Games’ subscription, 400 lessons were planned, at which more than 3500 people attended.

The proposed activities covered all areas of physical well-being: posture, strength, endurance and coordination. 

As of today, the instructors of the Sport Service have already planned lessons for the summer period to give continuity to all those who wish to train together even in the hottest season.

On the sidelines of the numbers around the Sports Hall, we would like to highlight an event that was organised precisely in connection with the spirit of the Sports Hall and aimed at the users themselves, but not only: the Fit Challege.

The first Fit Challenge 2024 took place in spring 2024 and was a great success. An inspiring 50-day challenge dedicated to movement and healthy eating, designed to promote a balanced lifestyle, inspired over 80 participants to push their limits, and pursue their fitness goals.

During this period, participants assessed themselves through bioimpedance analysis (BIA), recording their initial body composition at the beginning of March and comparing it with the final results at the end of April.
The proposed ‘Bulk’ and ‘Cut’ categories, aimed respectively at those wishing to increase muscle mass or reduce body fat, allowed participants to compete according to their specific goals.

A brief summary of the Fit Challenge results:

Total number of participants: 81
“Cut” category: the 57 participants removed a total of 32 kg of body fat. 
“Bulk” category: the 24 participants gained a total of 8 kg of muscle mass

Rich prizes (such as Sports Hall subscriptions, fitness coaching or vouchers for outdoor activities) were raffled off to reward the top 3 finishers.

The Sport Service team would like to warmly thank all participants for their commitment and dedication and congratulate them on their achievements. We look forward to seeing you at the next edition, which will take place during the Autumn Semester 2024!

From North to South USI Sport proposes different types of activities to make people experience sporting moments, but not only, and promote values such as wellbeing, fair play and friendliness! 

Would you like to get to know our activities or subscribe... do not hesitate!






Sports -Alpine base in Airolo: 

In addition, from February to today, the first outdoor activities at the new sports-alpine location in Airolo were conducted. 
Here are some interesting figures:

  • 88 trainees, mainly beginners, who conducted their first turns (snowploughing) on the Pescium and Carì snows
  • 12 hours of tennis lessons on the courts in Ambri
  • 380 km travelled by M'bike with 4500 metres of altitude difference between Airolo - Ambrì- Faido
  • 185 meals including: 72 kg of lasagne , 300 picnics and 4 metres of strudel