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Trekking is an outdoor activity in which people walk through natural landscapes, often in mountainous or hilly areas. During a trek, participants walk on trails through forests, mountains, valleys and other natural environments.


Trekking courses are conducted by specialised teams from the Sport Service.


Courses are usually offered on Saturdays or Sundays during the autumn and spring semesters as well as late afternoons during the week.
Depending on the course chosen, courses may last half a day or the whole day.


Courses are offered during both the autumn and spring semesters. The detailed programme for the latter will be published during the spring semester.

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  • Insurance

    Participants are required to check the suitability of their insurance cover both in Switzerland and abroad. During all USI Sport Service activities it is compulsory to carry one's own insurance card or document.

    We strongly recommend REGA patronage membership for 40 CHF/year.