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Yoga is an ancient and complex system of knowledge, the precious fruit of millennia-old Indian culture. Regular practice of this discipline helps to develop a more responsible and centred attitude, to better cope with everyday life.


Yoga techniques serve to harmonise the body-energy-mind system and create greater self-awareness and determination in the individual.


The class is suitable for all levels. Feasible options for all levels will be suggested by the instructor.


Click on the "Go to MyWellness Calendar" button on the right to view the weekly calendar of the Sport Service. 
To get a more direct view, please filter by the relevant discipline in the appropriate windows at the top of the list.

During the university class period (September to December and late February to early June), class scheduling is complete. During the break for exams (January/February and June/July), the class schedule is reduced by up to 50%. During holidays and during the summer academic break (August), the proposed classes may also be replaced by virtual-only classes.

The Sport Service reserves the right to make any changes and/or additions during the mentioned periods.



East Campus Sports Hall  
Classes Room
Via La Santa 1
6962 Viganello


Teatro dell'Architettura Mendrisio (TAM)
Via Turconi 25
6850 Mendrisio

Quality Fitness 
Via Francesco Borromini 20
6850 Mendrisio

*The Mendrisio classes held on Mondays are held at the Teatro dell'Architettura while the rest of the days take place at Quality Fitness.


The Monday morning class can also be followed online with the teacher correcting participants in real time, as if they were taking the class in person.
To participate, you need to request the zoom link from Paola.


It is compulsory to arrive with indoor gym shoes and sports clothing. Bring a bottle of water (or isotonic drink) and a towel.
Changing rooms with showers are available in the Sports Hall.


The user must be in possession of a valid "Wellness" package, and it is compulsory to book every single appointment offered via the calendar or directly on the dedicated App.

The 'Wellness' package offers the opportunity to attend 10 lessons of your choice from the following activities: Pilates, Yoga, Meditation, Power Stretch and Postural Training.
Classes must be consumed within one year of purchase, and one entry will be deducted for each appointment booked.


To register for Sports service activities, it is essential to have a MyWellness account; in its absence, proceed by filling out the following registration form.

Create your MyWellness account


If you already have an account, you can purchase the package directly on the MyWellness app or via the buttons below.

Wellness Package (student) - 30 CHF  

Wellness Package (collaborator) - 50 CHF 

Before proceeding with the purchase, we invite users to consult the regulations, which can be found in the 'Attachments' section. 
The 'Wellness' package offers a choice of 10 lessons in the following activities: Pilates, Yoga, Meditation, Power Stretch and Postural Training.


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