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Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee


Ultimate Frisbee is a team sport played with a Frisbee, where the objective is to score points by receiving the disc in the opponent's end zone. 
The game is played without physical contact and with a strong emphasis on sportsmanship (there is no referee present), with players not allowed to run while holding the Frisbee, but can pass it to teammates in any direction. If the Frisbee falls, or is intercepted, possession is changed.


The activity is conducted by USI computer science PhD students ​​Alessandro Manenti and Tommaso Marzi.
For questions and/or further details, please contact those responsible via their respective emails or through the following group Whatsapp.


The activity is suitable for all levels and physical fitness.
Ultimate Frisbee is an inclusive sport, known for consolidating close-knit groups. Teams are mixed and each player, regardless of physical preparation and gender, plays a crucial role, creating an environment where fun and intensity coexist.


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During the university lecture period (September to December and late February to early June), the class schedule is full. During the exam break (January/February and June/July), the class schedule is reduced by up to 50%. On holidays and during the summer academic break (August), the proposed classes may also be replaced by virtual-only classes.

The Sport Service reserves the right to make changes and/or additions during the above-mentioned periods.


Lambertenghi Primary Sports Hall
Via Bertaro Lambertenghi 4
6900 Lugano


It is compulsory to arrive with indoor trainers and sports clothing. Bring a bottle of water (or isotonic drink) and a towel.
Changing rooms with showers are available in the Sports Hall.


To participate, it is necessary to book for each individual appointment offered via the online calendar or directly on the dedicated app.

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Registration and subscriptions

Partecipation of Ultimate Frisbee is free for all USI/SUPSI students and collaborators. No subscription is required to participate.

Before proceeding with registration, we invite users to consult the rules, which can be found in the 'Attachements' section. 

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