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Virtual Classes



Virtual Classes are pre-recorded classes conducted by LesMills virtual instructors and broadcast on the projectors in the Classes Room of the East Campus Sports Hall.
In these classes, an instructor is not present and participants perform the exercises shown on the screen individually.


All holders of a 'Classes & Games' and/or 'Fitness Room' subscription can participate in virtual classes.


Each class is offered at different times, click on the button below to view the weekly Sport Service calendar.

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For a more direct view, please filter by the discipline concerned in the appropriate windows at the top of the list.


East Campus Sports Hall
Classes Room
Via La Santa 1
6962 Viganello

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  • LesMills Bodyattack

    LesMills Bodyattack is a high-energy fitness class with movements that satisfy both beginners and enthusiasts.
    We combine athletic movements such as running, lunges and jumping with strength exercises such as push-ups and squats. A class that tones and sculpts the body, improves coordination and agility.

    LesMills Attack
  • LesMills Bodybalance

    LesMills Bodybalance is a new generation yoga class that will improve your mind and physical state.
    You can expect a series of simple yoga movements, elements of Tai Chi and Pilates while an inspiring soundtrack plays in the background.
    Breathing control is an integral part of all exercises with options for those just starting out.
    A class that will improve your strength and agility, giving you a feeling of serenity and relaxation.

  • LesMills Bodycombat

    LesMills Bodycombat is an activity inspired by oriental disciplines and martial arts that provides cardiovascular training that improves cardio-respiratory capacity, tones the whole body and improves coordination, strength and balance. Thanks to the intense activity, it relieves stress and reduces tension.

    LesMills BodyCombat
  • LesMills Bodypump

    LesMills Bodypump is a total body workout that burns calories, shapes and tones the entire body, increases core strength and improves bone health.
    Using light weights and high repetitions, it develops lean, athletic muscles, aids metabolism and improves body composition. Motivation and great music will help you achieve much more than on your own!

    LesMills BodyPump
  • LesMills Core

    LesMills Core is a training programme that aims to tone muscles and enhance sports performance. Strength, stability and endurance are built up in the muscles that support the core, improving balance and promoting injury prevention.
    Rubber bands, small weights and free-body exercises are used.

    LesMills Core
  • LesMills Sh’Bam

    LesMills Sh'Bam is a fun and engaging dance workout. No dance experience is required.
    Free-body exercises and choreography are performed to a variety of musical bases.
    A class that burns calories, tones and sculpts the body while improving coordination.

    LesMills ShBam


It is compulsory to arrive with indoor gym shoes and sports clothing. Bring a bottle of water (or isotonic drink) and a towel.
Changing rooms with showers are available in the Sports Hall.


To participate, simply show up at the Classes Room, the virtual lesson will start automatically at the indicated time, without any action required on your part.

In order to register for Sport Service activities, it is essential to have a MyWellness/Technogym account; in its absence, proceed by completing the following registration form.

Create your MyWellness/Technogym account 


If you already have an account, you can purchase the 'Classes and Games' or 'Fitness Room' subscription directly on the MyWellness app or via the buttons below:

Classes and Games subscription

Fitness Room subscription

(Virtual Classes cannot be purchased individually).

Before proceeding with the purchase, we invite users to consult the regulations, which can be found in the 'Attachements' section. 


Virtual classes are not guaranteed to be attended by Sport Service staff. Participation is therefore only recommended for intermediate or experienced users.
Participants assume responsibility for the use of the materials to carry out the lesson and the choice of execution of the exercises proposed. At the end of the lessons, the user undertakes to properly store the equipment used in the dedicated spaces.